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Born and Raised in California


Originally from Orange, California, Costa Mesa is where I call home. There was a time, long ago, when I was a child, when I didn't play music. That time is the same as now. If a guitar is not in my hands or my voice is not in your ears I am living as we all do. We wake, we meditate, we jump in our cars, get to work and, in our time together, enjoy all of the rewards that life as to offer. My grandparents are buried here in Orange County and, unless they incarcerate, extradite, or vaporize me, I will likely lie here too. Until then, you will find all of my music in the menu above. Mostly free.

Always a pleasure.

Please enjoy my songs.

See you soon. -G



I write. I play electric, acoustic and bass guitars. I enjoy singing to folks when I'm not too bent outta shape. I lead bands. I am led. I engineer. I produce. What else? Oh, I have a car.

Oblique Strategies

Brother Matt of The Hypno Rings is a phenomenal guitar player. He's a thrill to play with and speak to about music. Brother Matt and I are Dos Dodos. We never write songs. We never know what we'll play next. So, when you see us live, you are seeing the last of a dying breed. I wrote songs and set lists for 20 years. It was time for something new and something blue. Throw in some jazz, add some ambiance, a cocktail or two and voila, an impermeable, improvisational guitar duo.

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