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G. Johnson, Retreat


Her Lullabies% (Bailey, Johnson)


Slammin’ Sam*

Break^ (Thompson)

By No One, For No One* (Ratfield)

Ghost* (Meyer)

Lost Souls Lost and Found* (Lipson)

Tell Yourself^

One Day^

When I Reach For You*





^Recorded on November 19, 2015 at Studio 770, Brea California. Engineers: Shantih Haast & Troy Ambroff


*Recorded on November 20 & December 4, 2015 at Big Scary Tree, Los Angeles California. Engineers: Jeb Lipson & Greg Johnson


%Recorded on November 21, 2015 at MAPS in Fullerton. California. Engineer: Mike Willson



Edited by Greg Johnson

Mixed on January 16, 2016 at Big Scary Tree by Greg Johnson and Mike Willson


Mastered by Max Karon


All songs written by Greg Johnson except where noted


Produced by Greg Johnson

Co-Produced by Mike Willson




Greg Johnson: Guitar, Voice, Electric Guitars

Ian Bailey: Guitar, Voice

Jeb Lipson: Electric Guitar, Dobro

Shane Thompson: Piano

Cat Johnson: Voice



Artwork: “Le peintre de marine” and “Spleen et idéal ou le fiacre aux amours” by Félix Hilaire Buhot from The New York Public Library


Layout: Greg Johnson




I stole some songs so first, thank you to all my incredible songwriter friends who co-wrote or let me use their tunes. It’s an honor and a pleasure to work with everyone who contributed to this record. There is no such thing as a solo record. I couldn’t do it without the support of great musicians, engineers, friends and family.


Over the course of one year I wrote a lot of songs then whittled them down to a handful. Then I whittled them down even more. You see, my choice to reflect, write and record means these stories, ideas and feelings live-on. For a few of the tunes I wrote, I don’t want them to live-on. Some, regrettably, must. Others, well, they made the record but I’m trying to forget them.


To Mr. Mike Willson who made a big splash and worked alongside me during a 13 hour mixing session, you are the unsung hero of this record. I lost steam a few times but Mike kept pushing it forward. We live and die by the day we mixed this record. No do-overs.


Thank you.





C + P 2016 All Rights Reserved


No part of this sound recording and web page may be reporduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrievval system, without written permission of the publicsher, except where permitted by law. 

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