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Salvador Cobain

Musica Del Oeste or "Music of the West" for all the gingos

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Limited Cassette

A limited amount of full-length cassettes featuring Musica del Oeste in its entirety are available at live shows for $10 or a $20 bundle that includes a cassette, a promotional LP & two CDs or by contacting me directly @swindletone

Musica del Oeste cassettes will be exclusively available at Factory Records in Costa Mesa and on all streaming platforms. See the bottom of this page for streaming.


Written & Recorded by G. Johnson in Costa Mesa, CA between 2020 - 2023

Acoustic Guitar, Vocals & Percussion by G. Johnson

'lectric Tele by Brother Matt Pelletier of The Hypno Rings

Bass by the Almighty Carlen Luke Walth

Mixed by Father Mike Willson & G. Johnson at MAPS in Fullerton, CA, April 2024

Mastered by Saint Max Karon

Cassette by Chris Newton at Pressing Media, Santa Ana, CA

Artwork & Layout by G. Johnson


"For Warde H. Ford and all Californians alive, dead or forgotten."



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